TESY presents
new series of water heaters BiLight.

Piston effect
ensures up to 15% more hot water

New design of a new cold water nozzle creating the unique PISTON EFFECT ensures up to 15% more hot water. The new technology is in patent pending process.

See the difference compared to conventional water heaters.

Saves up to 16% heat energy

Saves up to 16% heat energy, eliminating thermal connection between the water tank and the mounting plate.

Unique Bilight switch with two function modes

The switch has two operation modes, visualized by color change of the indicator light. It indicates when the unit is in "warming" mode and "ready for use" mode, when the water reaches its maximum temperature and is ready for use.

Convenient thermostat

The mechanical temperature controller, installed at the bottom of the water heater, is bigger and user friendly and allows smooth temperature adjustment. The degrees are marked with convex dots and even blind users are able to understand at what mode is the thermostat set.